June 29, 2021

BONUS: A Ted Lasso Barbecue Special (with Adrian Miller & Brendan Curran)

Welcome back to the Crown & Anchor, Greyhounds! On this bonus episode, Christian and Brett have not one, but two conversations about one of Ted Lasso's favorite things in the whole wide world: BARBECUE!

Our first conversation is with Adrian Miller, aka the Soul Food Scholar. Adrian is an author and speaker who drops barbecue knowledge like hot biscuits. We spoke with Adrian about the cultural and historical origins of barbecue in America and discussed the barbecue scene's latest efforts to pay homage to its rich and diverse past.

Our second conversation is with Brendan Curran, the owner of the clothing company Three KC. He created the Joearthur Gatestack t-shirt that Ted Lasso loves to wear when he gets all comfy in the evenings. We talked with Brendan about his company and what it's been like to see an uptick in business after his merch featured so prominently in the show, and after his products received glowing recommendations from famous Lasso superfans like Brené Brown and Jen Hatmaker. He and Christian also shared their favorite dishes at some of KC's most famous BBQ joints.

Consider this your warning that this episode may induce meat sweats and involuntary drooling.

Discussed On This Episode

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