May 5, 2021

BONUS: Kindness Makes a Comeback!

Welcome back, Greyhounds! We've changed venues and we're coming to you from the Crown & Anchor this week to have a conversation about the Ted Lasso SAG Awards Sketch and that amazing Season 2 Teaser Trailer. On this episode, Christian, Brett, and Marisa discuss our favorite moments and point out some small but meaningful moments of emotional intelligence in the sketch and the teaser trailer.

We also wonder where the conflict will come from in season two, go deep down the rabbit hole on the score for the trailer, and express our relief that Season 2 looks like it's not going to suck! But we still have questions. Like, how will sports psychologist Sharon fit in with the Richmond crew?   Why is Dani Rojas screaming? Who is John Wingsnight? And where is Jamie in all this? Is it July 23rd yet?

Discussed On This Episode

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