Oct. 26, 2021

BONUS #MedLasso! (with Drs. Mark Shapiro and Sayed Tabatabai)

Welcome back to the Crown & Anchor, Greyhounds! On this bonus episode Christian and Brett have a conversation with not just one - but two - amazing guests from the #MedLasso community -  Dr. Mark Shapiro and Dr. Sayed Tatatabai!

Dr. Shapiro is a full-time hospitalist in California and the creator and host of the Explore The Space Podcast, a show focused on bringing those who provide healthcare and those who seek healthcare closer together through conversations with leaders from across the spectrum. And Mark was recently the recipient of the “I Stand With Her #HeForShe” Award at The 2021 Women In Medicine Summit

Dr. Tabatabai, who was able to join us partway through the episode, is a Nephrology Specialist in San Antonio, Texas. Sayed spends some of his free time writing fiction on the internet (which has been featured on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday) and the rest of it portraying the role of Darth Vader for the Star Wars Society of San Antonio for various charitable causes.

Dr. Tabatabai regularly teams up with Dr. Shapiro on the Explore the Space podcast to talk about Ted Lasso. Together they started the #MedLasso hashtag on twitter, which has now become a virtual gathering place for medical professionals to bond over the show online.

In our conversation with Mark and Sayed, we discussed some of their experiences with the show, the #MedLasso community, and the experience of pandemic medicine. We asked Mark how he came up with the idea of integrating Ted Lasso into his work on Explore the Space and chatted with Sayed about his fiction writing as a creative outlet.

We talked about Robin Williams, the television show Scrubs, and the way the show champions the idea of "aspirational masculinity." We also wondered what Ted Lasso's specialization would be if he were a physician.

Listen to Explore the Space here!

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