Aug. 24, 2021

BONUS: The Real-Life Ted Lasso (with Coach Donnie Campbell)

Welcome back to the Crown & Anchor, Greyhounds! On this bonus episode, Christian and Brett  have a quick but insightful discussion with Jason Sudeikis' high school basketball coach - Donnie Campbell!

Sudeikis has shared that the character of Ted Lasso is partially based on his former coach, and we had a ton of fun talking with Coach Donnie about his upbringing in Lyons, Kansas (it's the next town over from us, y'all!), his time playing basketball and football at K-State, and those mentors who have influenced his coaching style and philosophy over the years.

If you're a Ted Lasso fan who's also had a great coach at any level, we think you'll really enjoy this episode. Plus, you may be surprised to find that Ted Lasso's accent sure sounds a whole lot like this rural Kansas boy's endearing drawl.

And Coach still lives near KC, so of course we asked him about barbecue. So maybe don't listen to this episode too close to lunch time. You've been warned.

Discussed On This Episode

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