March 2, 2021

Keep Calm and Get Fired Up

This is it - the first episode of Richmond Til We Die! Okay, technically it’s the episode before the first episode, but let’s not waste time parsing out the specifics. Richmond Til We Die is a podcast for the people - a conversation where fans of the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso (and curious newcomers) can come together to appreciate this cast of characters who make us laugh until we can hardly breathe one minute and then feel with the deepest parts of our hearts the next.

On this episode, Christian, Brett, and Marisa explore the origins of the Ted Lasso sketch comedy character, discuss how they came to find and fall in love with the show, and give the listeners a heads-up on what to look for as they rewatch Episode 1. We hope you’ll join us every two weeks as we examine the relationships between the characters on this show and think about how they challenge us to be better humans.

Discussed On This Episode:

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