April 27, 2021

No Fight Club!

Welcome back, Greyhounds! We're on the Dogtrack this week to have a conversation about Season 1, Episode 4: For the Children. On this episode, Christian, Brett, and Marisa decry Rupert's abusive and narcissistic behavior, take Jamie to task for his lack of maturity, appreciate Nate's evolution from fly-on-the-wall to "well, actually" guy, and applaud Rebecca for re-learning how to receive advice and care and how to offer those things to others in return.

We also discuss the importance of accountability, remind ourselves of the first rule of Ted's fight club, and ask a few questions. Like, where has all the barbecue gone? Why do soccer players butt heads like rams when they fight? And how the h*ck does Ted Lasso not know who Robbie Williams is?! Seems like a serious hole in his pop culture knowledge if you ask us.

Discussed On This Episode

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