Richmond Til We Die: A Ted Lasso Podcast

This is THE BEST Lasso podcast

I’ve been listening to Marissa, Brett, and Christian since season one and loved it! Then I decided to consume nearly all the other podcasts during this downtime before season 3. (Only one other will get a 5 star review and the rest get a 🤮)

Richmond ‘Til We Die is the sweetest salty delight of fan podcasts! The hosts are clearly in love with the show, give excellent recaps and even better insights with their collective knowledge about music, football ⚽️, writing, production, emotional intelligence, and more.

They are enthusiastic and thoughtful interviewers who shine a light on all the behind-the-scenes action and staff.

Having Marissa in this group is key to giving voice to the pertinent woman’s experiences. Yes, we CAN say how much we love the shows portrayal of female friendships to infinity and it still won’t be enough! How awesome to see these stories through the female gaze, and not just women as ancillary to the sportsball or other story lines.

There’s so much love in the conversations and analysis along with the hosts in-depth discussions of relationships on every level. We laugh, we cry, we feel connected.

Thank you all for taking your time to release the podcasts slowly after so much consideration and work on your part.

June 8, 2022 by TMS1CO on Apple Podcasts

Richmond Til We Die: A Ted Lasso Podcast