Richmond Til We Die: A Ted Lasso Podcast

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Be A Goldfish.

Love this superb podcast on the superb show, TED LASSO, found on Apple TV +. If you love the show, you’ll love Richmond Til We Die! These Kansans bring it every episode! The BBQ references, Music highlights, and soccer jerseys are just a few of the bonus reasons for tuning in!

Conversation between friends

This podcast is a wonderful conversation between three friends about the show “Ted Lasso.” They each bring their unique perspectives and their tie the show’s lessons into the experiences of their own life. If you like the show “Ted Lasso,” you’ll very likely enjoy this podcast!

Can’t Get Enough

Richmond Til We Die dives into the background stories and history of the show in a way that makes you want to keep pressing play. The group has wonderful chemistry and their ideas flow off of each other effortlessly. Every Ted Lasso fan needs to be subscribed to this! Can’t wait for more.

Ear Music

This is a podcast that any Ted Lasso fan would adore: deep analysis that goes beyond the superficial, genuine rapport between the hosts, and a welcome flow to the episodes where listeners can anticipate and enjoy the way each episode is carefully considered through myriad lenses. And the bonus episodes! Delightful.

The Lasso Way

This podcast is so wonderfully meta: it unpacks the gift of this show in a style that spreads the love and kindness of The Lasso Way. I love geeking out with these folks, from the soccer knowledge (and jerseys!), the stories behind the music and barbecue, and the deep dives into structures, references, and relationships. As a theatre dramaturg, that is what I live for: exploring the deeper meanings within an art form, sharing it with friends, colleagues, and audiences far and wide, all to continue spreading a message of empathy and shared humanity. Cheers, y’all.

2 triple 20’s and a bullseye!

Love the vibe, tone, and depth. Not a typical rewatch pod but dives more into the characters and emotions. Perfect pod for such a wonderful show!

Fun podcast with a great cast!

Richmond til we die is a wonder podcast with 3 hosts that obviously love the show. They have great chemistry and conversation. I’m looking forward to listening to more.

Relatable and creative

Fills the emptiness you feel when you finish season one too quickly.

Lasso for life!

Fun breakdowns of each episode and character development.

Certified Fresh….

Im a total Ted Lasso obsessed fan so anything Ted Lasso themed I must check out. Love the insights and discussions and the dynamics of the hosts! Thanks for giving more Ted Lasso material!

Great podcast by and for Lasso fans

Great discussion and chemistry. A very enjoyable listen while waiting for season 2.

All About the Details

I started listening because I love Ted Lasso. I stayed because the hosts on this show tend to find small details you may have missed and then weave them them into their broader conversation about the show and the characters. The highlight of my (every other) Tuesday.

Love the Show

I love Ted Lasso and love this podcast. So nice to find a funny, smart group of people to listen to break down my favorite show!

Nice pacing

I think they are pacing these out till the beginning of season 2. One thing for sure, once every 2 weeks isn't enough! Love the pod.

Onward Greyhounds!

I really appreciate the loving and thoughtful way that the hosts approach TED LASSO, as a TV show, as an examination of character and authorship, as a cultural artifact in communication with other art, as a sports show, and as aspirational storytelling. The three hosts bring wide experience to allow us to appreciate Ted Lasso, the show, from perspectives musical, literary, religious, pop-cultural and psychological, which deepened my already considerable appreciation of the show. I eagerly anticipate each episode, and I suspect that this may well be one of the few podcasts where I’ll listen to episodes more than once.

I thought it was funnier than step brothers

I’m going onto my 5th time rewatching this show, and listening to the podcast really adds a layer of depth to the show that’s already found a special place in my heart. I love how this podcast just gives me more to love about my favorite tv show. I love the commentary and insight and can’t wait to see where the podcast goes when the 2nd and 3rd seasons air. I will certainly be listening :)

Keeley Jones, Independent Woman Online Edition

I’m happy to welcome Brett, Marisa and Christian to my podcast host “friends circle”. These are the thoughtful conversations (plus football facts) I’d love to have with my friends about Ted & Co if I could ever get them to sign up for appletv+!


By “MVP” of course i mean “Most Valuable Podcast”. The first time i watched Ted Lasso i went out and did 3 things: i joined the subreddit, i purchased a Ted Lasso poster to cheer me up every time i see it, and i found this delightful podcast. Yes I’m enthusiastic. But i mean- if you’re listening to a podcast about your favorite show that’s probably a given, right? I love this podcast and cannot wait to see how it grows. They embody the same sort of “feel good, positive” vibe that the show does. I mean, look at their Twitter following- Dani Rojas follows them! That should say it all!

Love it!

I’ve watched Ted Lasso (n + 1) times now and Richmond Till We Die always has insights I had never considered. Also because it’s a conversation between friends it fulfills my need for dinner conversations that I’m lacking now due to the pandemic. It’s fun, it engaging, it worth the listen.

Well done

Expertly crafted. Brings the same positive energy of Ted Lasso to a casual and comfortable space where we can all enjoy more Richmond content!


Making me smile while listening, like the show itself. Now I need to watch for a 3rd time. Thank you for that , and for this great pod.

Love the podcast

Nice work on the podcast. I’d love to spend time with Marisa, Brett and Christian and talk about Ted Lasso. Look forward to their upcoming podcasts.


Thank you for making this podcast! Eh.. I mean “conversation with friends”! I love Ted Lasso so much, and its a joy to listen to these 3 and their insights into the show. My only disappointment is when I discovered theyre only on episode 2 - oh no! I have to wait between shows!

Fun times ahead

Richmond Till We Die gives me an even deeper appreciation for Ted Lasso! This podcast will help you find new things you may have missed watching the show. Plus it’s so fun to share a love of such a great show!

It’s all good my fine furry fellow

It’s cool to talk about your favorite things, but to encounter a group of people that absolutely enjoys as much as I do to talk and vibe about Ted Lasso is just dope. Also, I like fútbol -I’m a Latina, capitán! Truly a fun time listening to you guys. Keep it up, it makes me smile!

Like a cup of tea with a biscuit

There is nothing quite as heartwarming as a cup of tea with a biscuit. Ted Lasso could fill that spot, as could this podcast. Positivity, love, and joy are some of the best things life has to offer and I’m glad there is a podcast (and show) that helps to share them.

Best time for my time

This podcast allows me to guarantee I’m spending the best of my time on my time. If you actually get alone time during the day, you have to make sure you get the most bang out of it.

Great Pod

I love Ted Lasso and this Pod. They host have great affection for the show with good insights and humor.

The best!

I love Ted Lasso and this podcast! Captures the joy of the show. Worth it to subscribe.


One of the best podcast featuring the best comedy on TV.