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Barbeque Sauce

You should listen to this podcast if you like Ted Lasso, but more than that, you should listen if you like how Ted Lasso makes you feel when you watch it. There's a warmth and love to the hosts that's truly endearing and it's a fun, entertaining listen.

My cup of tea...

Like Marisa says I don’t like podcasts but I do like Ted Lasso. I always figured that podcasts were going to taste like hot brown water. And you know what? I was wrong. Yeah, it’s good! So thank you. Thanks for helping me bide my time until season 2 comes out, very much enjoying so far!!!

Púdcast Is Life!

Perhaps I’m the target audience having watched Season 1 twice, but that’s kinda the point, right? This is one of those shows you can’t get enough of, and this podcast represents the added bonus of the daily biscuits that Becks (1) loves. BELIEVE.

Bloody Brilliant!

I am obsessed with Ted Lasso and love this podcast which goes so well with it. It’s like having a conversation with friends about the show. Since none of friends have seen it, I needed this podcast so much. Thank you!

I Believe🔥

Ted Lasso is my favorite show on Apple TV, and this podcast digs into the depth of the show so well. Love it!!

Barbecue Sauce

Spot on, fun podcast with great analysis. BELIEVE!


Not your average play back podcast. I love how they dig deep into the characters, the nuance and the finer details of Ted Lasso!

Go beyond the episodes with this crew

This isn’t a typical rewatch podcast that focuses on what you missed, but rather it goes into the individual characters in-depth as if they were real people and explores why these characters bring out so many different emotions in us no matter how many times we’ve watched the show.


After watching Ted Lasso in one day, I never laughed while crying so much. I needed more Lasso in my life. This pod is awesome, and the hosts give new perspectives that make you want to rewatch over and over!

Everything Ted Lasso +

Ted Lasso plus pop culture and literary content. Goes deeper than just the show to the literary references behind it. Loving the show and loving the hosts.


...but then so is everything about Ted Lasso right?? Give it a while. You won’t be disappointed. ☺️

Expanding the TLU (Ted Lasso Universe)

I already adore the show and this podcast really expands my love for it! They point out things that I may not have noticed and I love looking for them on my rewatches. 10/10 would recommend

A wonderful listen!

Ted Lasso is a fantastic show and this ‘cast is well worth listening to. The show is full of content that reviews episodes but also has some great humor from the crew of the podcast. I really enjoy listening and I think fans of the show will enjoy it as well.

Great discussion of a great show

The title says it all. If you’re a Ted Lasso fan you’ll enjoy this show; deep dives on each episode. If you’re not a Ted Lasso fan, give it a chance and you will be!

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso lifted me out of my quarantine funk & reminded me there are still good people in this world... I have recommended to everyone I meet... Looking forward to season 2...

The Only Richmond Podcast

There is no “I” in team, but there is a “T” and “A” in podcast. *BLANK STARES FROM THE LOCKER ROOM* What I mean is this the only podcast worthy of our team, A.F.C. Richmond. BELIEVE!

Such a great listen

I'm on my third watch of the show, and this is such a fun add on. Thanks for doing this, great work.

Caesar Ya Later...

I may be biased as a big Ted Lasso nerd but it’s a very relatable podcast for those of us who couldn’t care less about soccer but absolutely love the show. The podcast does a great job of showing how Ted Lasso the show is about everyone and can take something away from the show.


this is one of the few podcasts I listen to, and I love it immensely. ted lasso has become one of my favorite shows of all time, so this podcast is absolutely wonderful to have♥️

Adds to the Ted Lasso enjoyment!

Very nice to know others have had such a visceral positive reaction to this show. Wonderful to re-watch with others!

Ted Lasso deep dives: yes please!

Ted Lasso is such a unique show and it deserves deep analysis. Fortunately, Christian Dashiell is one of the most thoughtful folks I know, and his passion for soccer and excellent television shine through.

Tea is hot brown water, this pod is delicious coffee

Love Ted Lasso and love this podcast. Suddenly craving biscuits though...


Brilliant podcast! Great job!

Ted Lasso

Wonderful show. Like the great FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS before it, you don’t have to be a soccer/football fan to appreciate it. Great podcast diving into a great show.

If you love the show, you’ll love this podcast

We needed this podcast to get us through until Season 2 drops. Love this format and “the bantz”. Thank you for your service.

2 triple 20’s and a bullseye!

Love the vibe, tone, and depth. Not a typical rewatch pod but dives more into the characters and emotions. Perfect pod for such a wonderful show!

Love this!

Really thoughtful, insightful episode analysis that lets me relive the show and all it’s fantastic moments all over again. Really enjoy listening to these guys talk about one of the shows of the year.

All About the Details

I started listening because I love Ted Lasso. I stayed because this show tends to find small details you may have missed and then weaves them them into their broader conversation about the show and the characters. The highlight of my (every other) Tuesday.

Such an entertaining podcast!

So here’s the thing: I’ve not seen Ted Lasso. I’ve heard nothing but good things, but I haven’t been able to make the time to watch it. Enter Richmond Til We Die. This podcast does the job until I can watch the show. If anything this podcast has only increased my desire to watch Ted Lasso. Don’t pass this up.

It’s The Hope That Kills You

Brilliant podcast breaking down one of the best shows of 2020. Hat tip to the crew as they dive into Ted/Roy/Keeley/Jaime and more!