Richmond Til We Die: A Ted Lasso Podcast

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These guys are hilarious. They capture that Ted Lasso Midwest flavor. No better place for un-intended Dad Jokes! Great listen!!!

A Great Companion Podcast for a Great Show

I was so happy to discover a reason to re-watch Ted Lasso, and this podcast has given me that and more. Fun, smart ideas and great interplay and insight from a likable, funny ensemble of folks. Also, I’m a Wichita State grad, so you know my perspective on these things is both authoritative and honest.

Top shelf hosting

I’d listen to Christian talk about anything


Love the detail and insight shared - encourages me to look closer at each detail as I am entertained by the show and then by the commentary.


Fills the emptiness you feel when you finish season one.

Details are Everything

The details that are covered provide valuable insight! Also, love how engaging the hosts are!


Entertaining banter and analysis by the group. Had me wanting to re-watch episodes for some of the things I didn’t pick up on the first go round!

Love them!

This crew is funny and smart. They bring out things I didn’t see. Obviously love the show and are having a lot of fun doing this. I want to watch it with them!

Covers All The Bases!

The three cohosts all have their areas of expertise, which helps them pick up on so many of the subtleties of the show. I’ve learned something every time I listen to them. Their humor is icing on the cake.

So fun!

I love Ted Lasso! And this podcast makes me love it even more as I learn some behind the scenes info and other fun tidbits.

Chat with old friends

I felt like I was in the kitchen with them, listening to this conversation. If you enjoy intelligent humor, critical thinking, Marisa’s magical laugh, and tv show opinions, this is the podcast for you! If you are a soccer fan and love to laugh, you’ll find yourself needing to watch this show.