March 16, 2021

The Lasso Way

We are proud to present the actual, official first episode of Richmond Til We Die (for realsies)! Like Ted himself, we feel a bit under-qualified but plan to get by with unshakeable determination, relentless positivity, a friend by our side, and a mustache that could win a blue ribbon at the Texas State Fair.

On this episode, Christian, Brett, and Marisa have a conversation about Season 1, Episode 1: The Pilot. We point out the most convincing (and least believable) soccer moments, discuss the Sex Pistols and Walt Whitman, and drool over Kansas City barbecue. We also take some time to consider the deepest hurts of some of the main characters in this series - including those of AFC Richmond's beloved, ever-optimistic gaffer.

Richmond Til We Die is a podcast for the people - a conversation where fans of the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso (and curious newcomers) can come together to appreciate this cast of characters who make us laugh until we can hardly breathe one minute and then feel with the deepest parts of our hearts the next.

Discussed On This Episode:

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