April 13, 2021

Trent Crimm: The Independent

Welcome back, Greyhounds! We're on the Dogtrack this week to have a conversation about Season 1, Episode 3: Trent Crimm: The Independent. On this episode, Christian, Brett, and Marisa bemoan the fact that there is not a word for the female equivalent of "bromance," admire Ted Lasso's unwavering confidence, and consider the question: "what even IS A Wrinkle In Time?"

We also discuss ancient literary devices (that may or may not include swear words), the best Indian joints in Kansas, Trent Crimm's virtuosic writing skills, and Antonio Vivaldi! Trust us, y'all don't want to miss this episode - we're pretty sure it's gonna win an Oscar at the ESPYs. (Some have even said it's funnier than Step Brothers.)

Discussed On This Episode:

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