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The Lasso Way

Kindness is life much love to the Richmond crew!

What a first rate podcast!

I have loved this podcast since I first found, and love it even more with how you expanding the topics in and around the show, with those experts—footballers, sportscasters, psychologists, theologists, the LGBTQ+ community organizations and advocates. I will be going back and watching/rewatching the seasons now with your episode specific drops. So fun to hear about subtle references of humor and musical theatre, barbecue/KC and the intentional music choices. Y’all are champions!

All the best Ted minutiae

Hubby and I just binge-rewatched seasons 1 and 2 to be ready for 3, and I am scouring the internet for Ted content. I've watched a bunch of interviews and suddenly thought PODCAST! There MUST be a podcast! I landed on yours and very glad I did. You all do a great job with a succinct synopsis and then nerd out with all sorts of tiny bits that I didn't notice even the second time around. Thanks ya'll!

Love it!

A great place to channel my Ted Lasso obsession - adding commentary to all the thoughts I have !! X

Love this show

I love listening to this Podcast as much as I love watching the show.

A joy to listen to

I loved Ted Lasso on my first watch. So much that I wanted more from the show. I found this podcast and rewatching the show again with these great people has been amazing! Are you a character from the Bible??!! Thank you for the amazing conversation!

The best Ted Lasso Pod out there!

This crew has the same positive vibe that makes me love Ted Lasso in the first place! I especially appreciate how they celebrate their own individual nerd lanes in the episode analysis. Awesome guests in the mix as well!

Late to the Game— and Impressed!

I LOVE this Ted Lasso podcast. It is the perfect mix of scripted/organized with conversation. I want to sit down over a beer and chat with these folks! Go RICHMOOOOOND!!!

Intelligent commentary

I’m another late to Lasso fan. Love this podcast - so many interesting details. Great banter. Can’t wait to hear your take on Season 3. I listen on Spotify but came here to review because Marisa asked me to.

Love the Show! Season 2 Finale?

I’m a huge of Ted Lasso (obviously) and of this podcast. I’ve been watching it in preparation for season 3 coming out. I’m almost to the end of the recap episodes and wondering why there isn’t a season 2 episode 12 recap or anything on the season 3 trailers that have come out? Does anyone know anything about that?

Marisa giggle

I’m obsessed with Ted and your podcast provides the best background and commentary on the show. However, I find myself looking most forward to hearing Marisa’s giggling during an episode. Thanks to everyone who put this amazing podcast together!

Barbecue sauce

I’ve binged most of these episodes while rewatching Seasons 1&2. It’s so fun and sounds just like having a conversation with friends about your favorite TV show! Love the quirky references and unique segments they feature on each episode.

Perfect while waiting for season 3

Really enjoyable, insightful, and funny. Just the thing all fans need while waiting for season three to finally arrive! Even though I’ve watched the show many times, this podcast still brings new information and perspective that I hadn’t realized or considered. The hosts have a good mix of humor, emotional intelligence, thoughtfulness, and fun - just like Ted Lasso itself. My only small critique would be that the commercials are jarring. I prefer podcasts where ads are read by the hosts and don’t have a lot of sudden sound effects that don’t match the tone of the rest of the show. I haven’t listened to all the episodes yet, so maybe that changes later! I understand this is a passion project for the hosts who are doing it on a low budget, so maybe that’s the format of ad that’s accessible right now. Overall, thank you so much to the team for making and this project!!

My Favorite Podcast

As someone who has heard of Ted Lasso really late into its run, I fell in love with the show and am excitedly waiting for season 3. In the meantime I was looking for some other Ted Lasso content and I found this podcast. I love this podcast as much as I love the show and it’s always great to just turn it on during my commute to work or just chilling at home. Thank you to everyone who helps make this podcast because you are awesome!

A really wonderful podcast

I am obsessed with Ted Lasso. I have watched the show 5x through and can hardly keep it together waiting for season 3!!! The intro to this podcast about the hilarity of the show and the deep feelings the show’s relationships make us feel is what drew me in. This is something I love most about the show!! As for the podcast, I love what they feature- the recap, which kit Christina’s is wearing (even though I don’t know anything about soccer other than from Ted and what my boyfriend tells me), the bbq sightings, and mostly the RELATIONSHIPS. The podcast is upbeat and light hearted. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I have to play it on 1.2 speed otherwise the podcasters, especially Marisa, just talk too slow. The length of each episode is also perfect. Thank you so much for doing this podcast! This die hard Ted Lasso fan is really enjoying it. Come on season 3!!!

Great Podcast

I just watched Ted Lasso season 1 & 2 then started listening to this podcast. I know, I know. I am late. But I have enjoyed this Podcast so much. They are so much fun to listen to. Looking forward to season 3.

This is THE BEST Lasso podcast

I’ve been listening to Marissa, Brett, and Christian since season one and loved it! Then I decided to consume nearly all the other podcasts during this downtime before season 3. (Only one other will get a 5 star review and the rest get a 🤮) Richmond ‘Til We Die is the sweetest salty delight of fan podcasts! The hosts are clearly in love with the show, give excellent recaps and even better insights with their collective knowledge about music, football ⚽️, writing, production, emotional intelligence, and more. They are enthusiastic and thoughtful interviewers who shine a light on all the behind-the-scenes action and staff. Having Marissa in this group is key to giving voice to the pertinent woman’s experiences. Yes, we CAN say how much we love the shows portrayal of female friendships to infinity and it still won’t be enough! How awesome to see these stories through the female gaze, and not just women as ancillary to the sportsball or other story lines. There’s so much love in the conversations and analysis along with the hosts in-depth discussions of relationships on every level. We laugh, we cry, we feel connected. Thank you all for taking your time to release the podcasts slowly after so much consideration and work on your part.

Best Ted Lasso fan podcast

Richmond Til We Die has become my favorite recap podcast about Ted Lasso. Great insights and commentaries in each episode as well as wonderful interviews with cast and show execs who tell insider stories about working on the series.

Great people, wonderful conversation

I have never sought out a podcast about a TV show before, but Ted Lasso has made me think so deeply about the show that I was curious how other people were understanding the characters and their growth and what the show could be helping us learn. Brett, Marissa, and Christian have made this journey so delightful and I really appreciate the different perspectives they bring to the conversation. I love that these folks are exactly what I would expect a Ted Lasso community to be: kind, vulnerable, and hilarious. I didn’t think I could love the show even more than I already do, but Christian, Marissa, and Brett’s conversations about music, football, barbecue, and relationships just makes me want to watch every episode again. On a technical side — the editing is top notch. Turns out if the podcast creators are in the music biz, they sure do know how to make things sound professionally done!

Great Show and Great Podcast!

Love Ted Lasso—just binged the first two seasons in the last week. Now rewatching and really enjoying the podcast with Christian, Brett and Marissa. Great hosts that make it seem like we’re all just having a chat with friends!


Just discovered your podcast!!! Love your show! Love the content that you provide and the commentary is spot on! One thing that I think would add to how great the show is, is if you used the actual audio from the show spliced into the podcast. Instead of saying my favorite quote from this episode is, just play it. The West Wing Weekly did that and it definitely added to their production. Keep up the good work, Diamond Dogs!

Great podcast!

I was a latecomer to watching Ted Lasso, only bc we didn’t subscribe to Apple TV+ and we decided to subscribe just to watch Ted Lasso! Better late than never. LOVE IT! and we are Greyhounds for sure. After the final episode of season 2, my partner and I started to dive deep into what happened. We could only go so far in our discussion and it made me want more and found your podcast. You are everything I was hoping for in a podcast and I love that you are all so well-read and enjoy the character developments and bring on guests in your bonus episodes who are fans and relate it to pop culture references and explain them. Especially the Allen Iverson reference. I would highly recommend this podcast- thank you Brett, Marisa and Christian for a great job. ❤️

Listen and listen again

❤️❤️❤️I can’t get enough Ted Lasso and so thankfully there’s the is podcast. I listen to it at night when I’m anxious and can’t sleep. Like the show, it’s meaningful without being heavy. Just nice all around.

Better than biscuits!

I love this podcast so much! Brett, Marissa and Christian take deep dives into each episode as well as themes associated with this show. Combine that with interviews of actors on the show and other interesting fans and it’s a can’t miss for me. ❤️💛💙

I appreciate you!

Very happy to find this podcast to give me insight into many of the pop culture and soccer references I miss. I appreciate all your expertise and research. And that interview with Eloide was EVERYTHING. ❤️


I adore this podcast-so different from a typical post-show podcast. This show really gets at the HEART ❤️ of Ted Lasso - and I can’t imagine a better place to be! 🥰

Certified fresh

I didn’t think anything could top the delightful interviews with Elodie and Kiki, but this one with Rev Nadia Bolz-Weber might have done it. An outstanding discussion of the many ways grace, forgiveness, friendship, woundedness, and our common humanity are depicted in Ted Lasso. As always, thank you for the care you put into these interviews and the thoughtful discussions about the many facets of this show. Cheers!

So psyched to find you!

Where to go after watching seasons 1 & 2 three times? ( shame whatsoever!) I'm so happy to have found other TL geeks. Going deeper into each episode, and learning more about intentional moves for music, soccer culture and analyzing character tropes and relationships was someting I didn't know I needed, until I found you. So perfect for eager hearts waiting for season 3. (I'm not weird. You're weird.) Great job RTWD team! You're so awesome!

Why did it take me so long to find this awesome podcast?

Like many, I found Ted Lasso halfway through the first season and devoured it like a five star dessert. I gave biscuits out for Christmas and in my therapy office I have a large sticker that says “be curious and not judge mental”.I found this podcast by reading my newsletter from Nadia Bolz Weber and have been devouring it as well. It is carrying me through the long desert between season two and season three. These hosts are very smart and witty. They are younger than me yet I find myself wishing I was them or at least friends with them. They have constructed this podcast discussion in a very clever way. Big praise for them in the way they are honoring this incredible show!

one of my faves

these people are smart, relevant, funny. exactly the Ted Lasso podcast i had hoped would exist!